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Le Chemin de Fer de la Vendée

Chemin de Fer de la Vendée

All aboard… for a trip which covers 22 kms from Mortagne  sur Sevre to Les Herbiers. At an average speed of 30 km the journey lasts 2 hours enabling you to see some fine views of the surrounding countryside from a completely different perspective. A voyage back in time to the “belle époque” of the Orient express and Hercule Poirot. More informations about Chemin de Fer de la Vendée

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Manoir des sciences

Réaumur was a great scientist, physicist and naturalist au siècle des Lumières (or Age of Enlightenment in the 18th century). The most significant invention was the alcohol thermometer which was the leading reference for over 60 years.  During your visit you can observe insects, perform fun science experiments, and stroll through the garden or visit the apiary (beehives are stored here).

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