Let’s travel through time

Let's travel through time

Middle Age

From Castles and stately homes, knights and princesses, mad scientist, picturesque songs ... the Middle Ages has left its mark in the Vendée Valley. Montaigu, Tiffauges, Pouzauges, Saint Mesmin... these fortresses protect the Brittany Marches, and open their doors for a journey through time and history!


Vendéen war - French Revolution

In 1789 the Revolution established a new government but amongst the promises there were numerous deceptions. The clergy were obliged to swear allegiance to this new regime and the Vendeans obliged to obey to the compulsory conscription to help in combat abroad.

The rebellion was organized in the Vendée and in the South of the Loire, it was the beginning of the Vendeen war. Logis de la Chabotterie and Refuge de Grasla are essential to understand this period.



Potager et jardin à la française de la Chabotterie
Moulin et Chapelle
Le refude de Graslas

Modern time - Industrial revolution

The windmill of The Mont des Alouettess

From the industrial revolution to today, Vendée Valley moves forward : stream train arrives, windmills and watermills appear. Artists and Scientists express their talents : Gaston Chaissac, Réaumur...

Religious and historic sites

The history of Vendée Valley is linked to the catholic religion : Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, the holy town of Vendée, visited by Jean-Paul II in 1996, the church tower of Saint Michel Mont Mercure is surmounted by the statue of archangel St Michel, the medieval church of Pouzauges whith its wall paintings of 13th century...

Quaint villages



Mallièvre, Mouchamps and Pouzauges are picturesque villages full of character and charm, named Petites Cités de Caractère®. These villages have preserved its exceptional heritage and rich history

Le Puy du Fou

Voted the world's best park, Puy du Fou® is a historical theme park whih offers a multitude of spectacular shows, experience a voyage throuhg time which will enchant the entire family.


Le Grand Parc Puy du Fou
La cinéscénie