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Fancy a snack; you are bound to find a restaurant in Vendee Valley which suits your needs: gastronomic, pizzeria, creperie or even traditional food …..These chefs will allow you to discover the specialties of the Vendée via different receipts: mogettes (white beans) and vendéen ham, sweet bread (brioche)….

List of traditionnal food restaurants

Restaurants and Markets


Markets and craft

In the Vendée Valley, gastronomy and craftsmanship rhyme with authenticity. Local Producers share their know-how during organized visits or traditional markets. With the family or with friends a visit to the local market is always an enjoyable experience. Discover new tastes and flavors...

Push the door of the sculptor's studio, enjoy calligraphy and illuminating...

Top 5 of local specialties

1. Brioche



Brioche is a speciality of the Vendee and is considered as a Viennoiserie, basically it is made in the same way as bread, but has the richer aspect because of the addition of eggs, butter, milk, and occasionally sugar. Brioche is commonly eaten at breakfast, with a dessert or as a snack

2. Wine

diner toque-24juin2016-Vendee


The Lay valley is home to several wine producers. The Estate of the Barbiniere producers a variety of wines... Feel free to visit their cave and sample the wines they make.

3. Savonnerie des collines



This company produces soaps using donkey's milk and other natural ingredients. A charming and interesting place to visit where you can discover the art of soap making. A passion which the owners love to share with their visitors.

4. Saveurs et nature

saveur et nature création

The Saveurs et Nature was established in 2001 by Jean-Michel Mortreau, who was the first to create organic restaurant in France. The chocolates are made with entirely natural ingredients no added vegetable fats nor soya lecithin, the beans come from either the Dominican Republic, Peru, or West Africa. All the characteristics of a great chocolate are revealed in an exceptional fondant: aromas, an intense and lasting taste... an unforgettable tasting moment.

5. Mélusine beer


Located in the Vendee, the Mélusine brewery was established in 2001, it manufactures 100% organic beer. The brewery produces about 500,000 litres of beer all unfiltered and refermented in their bottled. Don't hesitate to visit the brewery and enjoy a cold glass of beer.

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