Hiking trails



Vendée Valley is an excellent destination for hikers or walking enthusiasts.

Between the hills and valleys, rivers and dales, paths and trails unfold before you following the landscape shaped by man and nature

Being well equipped

Safety tips for hiking :

  • Avoid flip flops or other summer shoes even if it's hot
  • Hats/ or peaked caps to protect your head
  • Fresh water to drink for ALL the family
  • Wellington Boots/ water proof clothing, you never know !
  • Snacks to nibble..... in case you're hungry !

Moutain bike

Moutain bikes trails are available for the more adventurous amongst you, offering a challenging circuit of : hills , long descents, muddy passages, forest trails and flooded pathways.

Walking events over 4 days in Chantonnay

Every year in Chantonnay there is a special 4 day rally. Addicts to this activity will not be disappointed. Many trails cover the changing landscape.

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Pony trekking

equestrian centre


The equestrain centre's of the Vendée Valley offer discovery treks enabling you to admire and discover the surrounding countryside's valleys and lakes. And for the younger family members and initiation into the equestrian world : with grooming of horses and pony's to finish off the trek.

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