Let’s take a breath of fresh air

Let's take a breath of fresh air

Natural History

During your visit to Vendée Valley, various panoramas and exceptional viewing points allow you to see for miles and miles over the undulating landscape of the "Bocage".

The Bocage meadows lined with hedges, where rivers have formed winding valleys, and hills... spreading out from Mont des Alouettes to Pouzauges, and then onto Saint Michel Mont Mercure (common Sèvremont)...

Water sports

Canoë sur la Boulogne

Wether it's in lake or in an indoor pool complex, you can enjoy swimming in Vendée Valley.

Enjoy the many leisure areas which have been created for certain lakes : Lac de Pouzauges, lac de la Tricherie in Mesnard la Barotière or lac de Touchegray in Chantonnay, with supervised bathing.

Several areas propose canoeing activities for both experienced canoeists and for mere beginners, in a natural setting.

Adventure sensations

Take to the skies in a hot air balloon, or be locked in a room to solve the enigma in a Live Escape Game, get lost in the maze, enjoy some tree top activities or gallop into wind !

Be impressed, have a laugh, rack your brains, keep your balance, have a head for heights, be concentrated, encourage yourself...

List of sensation activities in Vendee Valley


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Walking for all

Vendée Valley is an excellent destination for hikers or walking enthusiasts.

Between the hills and valleys, rivers and dales, paths ans trails unfold before you following the landscape shaped by man and nature.